How Pure is Distilled Water – The Truth Revealed

Are you consuming distilled water? Do you know the opinion that health experts have on distilled water consumption? This and few other frequently asked questions are answered below. I bet this is going to be a real eye-opener for you.Why purifying the water is so important?
The water coming out from our kitchen faucets is not at all suitable for consumption. It starts its journey way before it is stored in infection-prone reservoirs of water companies, from where it travels all the way through old and rusty pipes into our home taps.Believe me, throughout its journey, there are so many possibilities of it getting contaminated; that irrespective of the location where you are staying, I can bet that if you sample some water from your tap, you will definitely find at least 100 different kinds of contaminants in it.Most common contaminants are chlorine, cysts, bacteria, virus, pesticides, animal feces, bird droppings and all the dirty things that you can think of.Consuming such contaminated water can lead to numerous health ailments starting from acne and constipation to typhoid, cholera and even cancer. This explains why we need a pure water solution.Are pure water distillers an effective solution? How pure is distilled water?
Pure water distillers are efficient in removing all types of contaminants from the water. But, they remove the essential minerals found in natural water too.Water found anywhere on this Earth is rich in some essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, iodine, sodium etc. When water is distilled, these essential minerals are also removed leaving the water which not only tastes bad but is also unhealthy.What is the health expert’s take on consuming distilled water?
It is a known fact that the essential minerals found in natural water are required for general functioning of the body. Drinking water is the best way to ensure regular intake of these minerals in our body. Consuming water lacking in these minerals can lead to multiple mineral deficiencies and various other ailments.As per the recommendation from health experts distilled water is better suited for photography and other industrial purposes only. It should not be used for human consumption. This very fact explains how pure distilled water is!If you are using a pure water distiller, either replace it with a good pure water solution or make it a point to compensate for the lack of the minerals by taking natural supplements and multi-vitamins.What is the complete pure water solution then?
Multi stage water purifiers. These filters have numerous feathers to add on their cap – they are powerful enough to filter all organic, chemical and synthetic contaminants; retain the essential minerals found in natural water and additionally enhance the pH balance of water as well.These filters are economical to purchase and maintain, come in wide variety of sizes and colors and are very easy to install and use. The water produced by these purifiers is clean, odorless, tasty and absolutely pure.Your next step? Look out for an effective and complete pure water solution and ensure clean and pure drinking water for you and your family.